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Services include editorial, ad, video, red carpet event, & press styling; personal shopping with virtual & in-person sessions incorporating closet edits, consultation styling, & digital shoppable lookbooks.

Menu of wardrobe and fashion styling services provided by Nico Sese.

"Ready to take your style to the next level? With my styling services, we'll curate a wardrobe that reflects your unique personality, boosts your confidence, and makes a lasting impression."


As a busy New Yorker, Nico has styled a wide range of looks for me including for charity galas, dinners out with friends and events at my children's school...Nico is organized and professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Everyone‘s wardrobe and life would be enriched and improved and a lot more stylish with Nico’s magic touch...


offered à la carte


Review goals and expectations.


Curate items based on requests and wardrobe needs.


At home, we'll fit, assemble, and edit different iterations of outfits to craft a dossier of cohesive outfits.

~ Alterations Session ~
If needed, can be scheduled per clients' request with preferred tailor in an additional session.

*In-store sessions available upon request.


This service will photograph all the pieces in your wardrobe, allowing you to reference for styling future iterations of outfits and have full knowledge of entire wardrobe. 


Decide what to keep, what to clear, and what fits to focus on for a curated aesthetic and ease of dressing.  

*Includes  FITTINGS  service but DOES NOT include ~Alterations Session~. 



Assemble a set of looks to reference for future styling needs from existing wardrobe.

Looks may be assembled based on occassion requests. (Lifestyle, Vacation, and Press).

Each lookbook contains up to 10 cataloged head-to-toe base outfits.

value packages

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